Monday, May 24, 2010

Shan City at Brighton Square

As usual, hubby and i will find a place for breakfast, or brunch or get together, family gathering with myself and our baby. Yeah.. we are busy every day.. Both of us rushing to go to work, while my baby is going to school every day.
So, Sunday morning is usually the time...
Last Sunday Yesterday, we went to Brighton Square again. It was 9:45am, hubby suggested to go to Life Cafe so i said ok. But, it was not opened yet when he arrived. So, i suggested that he should go the Shan City. This is the 2nd shop located at Brighton Square, next to Ipoh Town. I think i have mentioned about this area a few times, here & here.

Here i am.... Let's go in to find daddy.. Yes, Autumn and i arrived later coz we went from home..

I like the design of the menu.. simple, nice & cool colour matching...

Their specialty here is Noodles, hand made noodles.. Also the dessert, hubby knew i love bubu cha cha, so other than the Traditional Pan mee he ordered, he also got me the dessert.

I ordered this 3- layered Pork Rice, because I need to feed Autumn with rice.. dipping the pork into the belacan chili paste is sooo.... yummy!!

Here comes the Traditional Pan Mee... Huh?? Ikan Bilis & Money Chai??
The taste arrr.. not too bad... 
But..... hubby said, "Geli..."
You know why??
Look at THIS!!

Wahahaha.... so thick and such a big piece of it!!
Anyway, this is the traditional style of making the Pan-Mee. I have tried eating this before, but forgot which town in Malaysia... So, i basically can accept this, but i won't order this next time i come here..

Another shot before we left.....

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