Sunday, May 23, 2010

RJ Ayam Penyet

We went to a newly opened "kopitiam" for lunch, which is just opened for less than 1 month.

Do you guys think that this place is very similar with the other "Kopitiam"? hehe.. Yea, this looks exactly the same like Ipoh Town Kopitiam & Old Town....

Look at the crowd during lunch time, very packed..

The only thing that is different is the corridor to the washroom, lots of black & white pictures...
 I like the guitar hanging on the wall, too...

  First and Ever in Kuching??.... Raja..

 Felix is ending his industrial training with me, so we are having lunch together & on me, of course!

 Raja Ayam Penyet, i only ate the rice and chicken, also some of the cucumber as i did not like the other veges... too bad.. the chicken was a bit dried, tough but not bad for RM7

The fried rice was not too bad.. @RM7

Special tofu..

Raja Fried Noodles, with Ayam Penyet as well.. The portion is very big for a lady... only RM7..
A picture before i eat... hehe...

The place is located at Jalan Baharuddin, Kuching, near to the Police Station, go and try...
If i am hardworking, i will add a map here... but if not... sorry!! :)

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