Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 1: Thiam Hock Restaurant @ Brunei Darulssalam

We had super duper late dinner on the 1st night at Thiam Hock Restaurant, also near Gadong.. I chose to eat Chinese food with rice, because i was hungry!
Thiam Hock usual with Jawi wordings..

Quite China Style..

There is also a private room here..

But, we decided to sit here as there are not many people upstairs..

Let's start to explore..

They are providing cashew nuts instead of peanuts..

Ladies all had a bowl of "Xue Ge Gao" a type of dessert which is 
known to be very good and have moisturizing effect, for beautiful skin..

Mapo Tofu, Koreans love spicy and sour food...

Asam Fish, spicy and sour, so yummy-licious!

Mini Kailan with salted fish, this dish had made me ate another bowl of rice!!

Deer meat (Venison) with onions and soy sauce, they guys tried this for the first time. Kim even suggested to let us try dog meat when we go to Korea? NO-WAYYY!!!

The guys selected Coca-cola because they did not know what drink to take..

Well, it was around 10 pm already and we normally do not like to eat sooooo late... 
I tried to control and not to eat too much, so i shared rice with Irine but still i re-ordered another bowl of rice, luckily Kimshared with me, lol!! If not, i would be soooooo fatty fat-fat!!

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