Friday, May 14, 2010

Terrible Lunch!! I miss Brunei!

Hubby suggested to go lunch at some Jalan Keretapi Area- opposite Bing!, since it is nearer to Melvin's office so this time we're going further out of the city.
Melvin was drinking this Coke & i like the Fifa Logo on the can, so i took a picture while waiting for our food. He came 15 minutes earlier than us but his Nasi Lemak was still not served so we reminded the waitress. I wanted o get my food quickly so i ordered Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak, and, we continued talking.
Alwyn asked "So, how is Brunei?" Yea, Great! of course! Food is soooo CHEAP!! Especially the Japanese food, particularly the Sushi!! I mean i am talking about the quality, versus the amount of money we spent. So, as we talked i showed him all the yummy food pictures that i took in Brunei. Then i got even hungrier....
So i asked the waitress again, since we had waited for 40 minutes! Hey, this is a lunch break and we only have 1 hour! I mean for both me & Mel... The owner came, he apologized and said he would check. My God! We still have to wait for another 6 minutes??!!?
When i am already pissed off, i don't even want to hear the word>>"WAIT", not even another "1 second"!! That's it! We are leaving.... I had another meeting to rush to...
The worse thing is.. we still had to wait for another 5 minutes when we wanted to pay....
I will never ever come to this place again!!
Well, of course Alwyn & hubby went hunting for their food again after we left and got back to work.
Thank God!!
He went to Kwang Tung Cafe>> ^-^
My favourite & the Best!!>>Fried rice with sweet Pork, stuffed Chicken Wing, Prawn Sticks...
So, this is my late but contented lunch>>> Special delivery service only from ******
Guys... if you think this looks yummy! Let me assure you, it is indeed "SUPERB"!! The best fried rice in Kuching! Don't believe, go and try!!
Kwang Tung Cafe
(corner old shop-Kopitiam with Blue Signage)
Jalan Ang Cheng Ho (i think so..)
Same row/ in between "Big Bowl-大碗公" and  Kuching Park Hotel.

I just realized, i still have many more to share about my Brunei trip, all half way in the "draft".. Will surely finish them off this weekend>> Empire Hotel & Clubhouse, Dessert, Spa & Saloon....

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