Monday, May 3, 2010

The best Sushi at Escapade Sushi @ Brunei Darulssalam

Well.... i am finally home!! 
For the past 4 days in Brunei i think i was over-fed with too much "Scrumptious food"!!!
I love Brunei......'s FOOD!!

We had Super-duper yummy & awesome meals for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, supper.... Oh... i just have so much to share with you all!!
But, first i think i will show u what i've eaten in the Best Japanese Restaurant!!! BEST SUSHI!! 

Day 2: Escapade Sushi- Gadong

Irine booked a room in Escape Sushi for lunch. I wasn't really looking forward to it as i just had a whole day of Japanese food on the day before i came here....
 When we arrived there... i was..... *Stunned~* im sure many of you who had been to Brunei knew about this place which is famous for its Sushi!!
  Normally, you will have to wait here to be seated especially during lunch hour!

Very nice interior....

It's just so Japanese..

 There are about 12 rooms like this.

 The whole interior design is so nice, cossy and u'll love the ambiance!

This is our room..

When the waiter brought the menu..... i was even more shocked....
Too many delicious food & i did not know which one to order!! Coz i felt like ordering everything!!

There are hundreds and hundreds of cute sushi like this!!

Let's drink Ocha

Here comes our food...
Beef Terriyaki looked different and tasted better than the one we normally had in Kuching.

This is the whatever Udon that Lim ordered..


Salmon Sashimi...

Salmon and Garlic Fried Rice

My favourite Octopus

Unangi is very fresh and yummy!

Dried Ginger Flower...



Crispy Salmon skin Hand roll

Special Unangi Ebiko Sandwich Sushi with Bleu Cheese!! The Best!!

Other than the dining tables, or private rooms.. 
There is also a sushi counter with conveyor belt, just next to the cashier counter.
Sushi Counter with lots of sushi...

Here comes the train bringing the sushi!!

Just choose whatever you like!!

We are all very full!! Yum! Yum!
I really love this place madly!! Update: All this much of food only cost us less than B$70!!
For some of you who are Japanaese Food Crazed, here is the address:
Escapade Sushi Gadong Branch
Unit 4 & 5, 1st Floor, Block C,
Abdul razak Complex, Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.

I must come here again in my next visit to Brunei, but the next time i would like to visit their 2 other branches >>>Kuala Belait Branch & Kiulap branch...


  1. Thanks to Irine for bringing me to this place!

  2. oh!! randomly found ur blog while searching for excapade! hoho! i m going there next next weeeek!~