Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pork week

I was sick and kept coughing so badly for about 10 days after i came back from Brunei. It was so tiring, i went to see doctor, i had to take medicine but still coughed like a "Tibi" patient. Most of the time i coughed until i vomited, until i even had chest pain...
Even my poor baby also was infected by my virus. So i finally went to see the Chinese Doctor, other than those black-black Chinese Medicine he gave me, there are a lot of taboos. I must not eat any fruits for 1 month, and no chicken for at least 1 week!! Huh? Chicken? and... for these the first 3 days, i must eat nothing! except for plain porridge...... What?!
I was stunned, but i had to "kwai-kwai" said Yes & ok... So, i went home and started cooking this plain porridge and ate this whole bowl of plain porridge with plain soy sauce as my dinner...
The next thing i was worried is how am i gonna survive the next day when i went to work?
So i tapao plain porridge and ate in the pantry alone, to avoid any tempatation.. I felt better and coughed less...
However, i could not stand it anymore so at night i at a little bit of other dishes with plain porridge.. That night i coughed like hell... Aduh! So, i continued my plain porridge diet again...
Then, it was my "No-Chicken week"!!
Haha... Luckily i am not a Muslim, if not... what else can i eat if no chicken? I cannot eat pork? So, left Fish, Beef, and Lamb..... There won't be so much choices then...
There i go... everyday i had to target....where to eat PORK!!

Pork Dumpling or Kiaw

  Kolok Mee with Pork Char Siew

Honey Stewed Pork..Love the 3 layers!!
Ginger Pork Meat

Pork Ribs Noodles @ Life Cafe

  Pork Leg Rice

 Pork Satay, at Carpenter Street.

Kueh Chap

Special Cheng soup at Kim Joo, Carpenter Street.

Special Fried Rice with the yummy sweetened pork + Prawn Sticks, 
i could not eat the chicken wing thank God Grace loved it!

There goes my list for the last whole week, i think i misplaced some of the pictures.... But those were more than enough i guess... Oh My God.. i am so hungry now looking at the pictures of FOOD!!
Well, that's all about my PORK week!

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