Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bak Kut teh @Goh Fun Kee .......Fabi's first lunch in Kuching

It is Fabi's first day in Kuching. What an unforgettable day!! We had to rush over to rescue her!! What? Rescue? Yes!! She was locked from outside the apartment!! OMG!! So, we had to open from outside to get her out of there!! LOL....
Well, Mareike, Mike & Fabi had never tried Bak Kut Teh before. After some explanation and description, we finally decided to eat Bak Kut Teh @ Go Fun Kee of Ban Hock Road.

This is Fabi.. Jet lagged... Tired.. But excited!!

This is the monkey boy~ Mike.... hehe.. he's gonna meet his buddies in Bako tomorrow~ Woohoo!

We ordered both the 2 types of dry and soup Bak Kut teh. Here comes our food...

This is the dry Bak Kut Teh, with Pork Ribs, Soft bones, 3 layers pork and the ......

This is the Bak Kut Teh Soup, with Dried Tofu, pork ribs, etc...

We also had the You Char Kueh & rice..

"Lets take a group photo before the rice comes."

Mareike is really enjoying the soup so much!!! Fabi can't stand the hot and spicy chilli!!

Yummy... Yummy... It's delicious!!! Scrumptious!!

Hubby is enjoying his Bak Ktu Teh as well..

The guys said that men are always better chefs???? Do you agree????

Errrmmm... Finished... "Burrrppp!"

What a wonderful lunch~Bak Kut Teh (Non-Halal)

By the way, for those who are lazy to drive to the city centre, there is another Go Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh in Jalan Rock..

Hehe... it's good that i'm not working tomorrow, so we will go find more FOOD.... Yummy~
What's next??? 
I have another nice place to share with you guys in the next entry.....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour Malaysia 2010 in Kuching-GreenHeights Mall

Earth Our Malaysia was last night, on 27th March 2010, Saturday 8:30pm.

Green Heights Mall is also one of the malls that is taking part in Earth Hour in Kuching, and there was an Earth Hour Concert, as well as food bazaar and some promotional booths. So i went over to have a look, and to my surprise! It was very packed!!

 Get ready to SHUT IT DOWN!!!

Green Heights Mall is the only mall i know in Kuching, that is putting in lots of efforts in trying to make our planet-EARTH a better place. They have been promoting “green” campaign on its premises which includes the usage of eco-friendly shopping bags, mini recycling stations inside and outside the mall. Other than that, he mall has  “green” features such as its prominent atrium glass roof that allows the optimal use of natural lighting and a landscaping project for its rooftop. 

Even their events are surrounded by the word "ECO-", one of the examples was the Eco-Lantern Making Competition for the Mid-Autumn Festival last year.
Eco-Lantern Competition & the Parade with the lanterns, concert and moon cake eating at Green Heights Mall. The lanterns are all made from recycled items like used bottle, paper box, empty cans, or anything that has been used, isn't it very eco-friendly?
Not only that, even their Christmas tree was very Eco-friendly as well.
and this time.... they called it, "SHUT IT DOWN!!"
They even had a series of programmes for the whole week, which includes recycling campaign, Tree planting, and Eco Awareness talk. They are the genuine earth Hour supporter!!

 It was packed, cars parked by the road side all along the road surrounding green Heights Mall. Many people were holding a candle in their hand. There were many booths there, and all of them had candles lighted on the tables. It was really hot!!!

Such a nice & creative art with the mini candles..

What has Earth Hour to do with WWF?  

Click Here to know more about Earth Hour

 They are selling many different types of finger food here, but you just have to take a closer look as the visibility was very low.
Magazines are sold at only RM10 per pack, some of the very informative magazines (3 in a pack) are very cheap at this price!!
Look at how wet is my baby's hair and you will know how hot it was!!
  One of the shot of the for the stage, but not sure which band was that since there were a few last night: KL's hottest Indie band KYOTO PROTOCOL and the best of Kuching's underground music scene LACRIMOSA, ARCH ANGEL, KAREN & ERROL and VENUS & MARS.
Anyway, music was not bad.. It's sort of like a mini style of Rainforest World Music festival, but this is a suburban concert.

A sweet memory with Phyllis 

Other places who also supported Earth Hour are:
Tune Hotels Waterfront

and....Boulevard Shopping Mall
This photo is taken from Boulevard Earth Hour

Hope we will all do our parts in our every day life, so that we will have a better earth, better environment....
Hope that our children or off spring will still be able to see such a nice and wonderful caves. 
(Pic taken when i was in China- Yunnan in 2005)

Friday, March 26, 2010


Been busy for the last 2 weeks...
Feel so guilty when i saw how many unfinished posts, i just realized that i always fell asleep half way. Am i really that tired? Well, should be... Anyway, i would like to share my very successful sunset photos.... Even though it is not sunset by the sea, nor any mountains...
At least i like them....

Sunset of the housing area & playground.
After looking at so many sunset pictures... what do you think? Nice? or... nothing lerrr?
Well, everyone who really knows me knows that i am a photo-freak. Everywhere i go , i surely bring my camera along, and cannot stop taking photos..
All the pictures above are taken by Sony Cybershot, DSC- T200. It's my 3rd Sony Camera... still my 1st choice of mini handy trendy digital camera..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flora Cafe at Medan Pelita

I went to Star Cineplex the other day and then went for a short tour around the newly renovated Medan Pelita Ground Floor and first floor. A lot of new shops opening, and there is a very nice and cozy place called Flora cafe. I bought a set of Ayam penyet back for a try, wow it was very nice.

So i decided to bring Autumn and hubby there.
It is an Indonesian Restaurant so we ordered the popular Indonesian dish- Ayam Penyet & Ayam Wong Bak Soloh. The rice is so special! The aroma & fragrance of it, and especially when it goes into your mouth, it is so soft and perfect!

Very Nice Interior design.
Other than the scrumptious food, nice ambiance, the service was perfect as well. The waitress was very friendly and passionate in explaining the menu, the different type of chicken, etc.
Why i would recommend this place? Go there and find out more!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Illegal Tinted Glass vs JPJ

I was monitoring the contractors hanging up a Giant banner on the building for Popular Book Fair in the mid of March. There was a Proton Wira parked in Front of Sarawak Plaza, where Jalan Abell is. This is the city center and this road is always having very high traffic.
A Waja of JPJ stopped behind that Wira. The Police officer asked the driver to come down and spoke to him. We thought he would be fined for illegal waiting or something, but who knows...
look at the photos below and you will understand.

The JPJ officer was preparing the compound for illegal waiting.

Not only that, they still told him to do something, and the man was trying to negotiate.

OMG~ he was tearing his tinted stickers!

Wow, this act is really effective. If this guy were to receive a compound today, he would still be driving around with the illegal tinted glass. So, that officer told him to tear off the stickers on the spot!

Well, poor him.
Being punished right in the center of the Cat City and with many passers by watching him.