Sunday, March 7, 2010

Illegal Tinted Glass vs JPJ

I was monitoring the contractors hanging up a Giant banner on the building for Popular Book Fair in the mid of March. There was a Proton Wira parked in Front of Sarawak Plaza, where Jalan Abell is. This is the city center and this road is always having very high traffic.
A Waja of JPJ stopped behind that Wira. The Police officer asked the driver to come down and spoke to him. We thought he would be fined for illegal waiting or something, but who knows...
look at the photos below and you will understand.

The JPJ officer was preparing the compound for illegal waiting.

Not only that, they still told him to do something, and the man was trying to negotiate.

OMG~ he was tearing his tinted stickers!

Wow, this act is really effective. If this guy were to receive a compound today, he would still be driving around with the illegal tinted glass. So, that officer told him to tear off the stickers on the spot!

Well, poor him.
Being punished right in the center of the Cat City and with many passers by watching him.

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