Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Car in the drain

Today, i followed mom to pick my sister back from schooll at around 1:00pm. The road was pretty was pretty jammed as there were two schools along this Jalan Sungai Maong, namely SRB Shung Hua No.6 and SMK Sungai Maong.
On the way to the school, i kept asking mom about the story of how a motor-cyclist ran into the drain the other day. I could stop laughing. It was early in the morning. My sister wanted to get down from the car and she opened the door without looking at the side mirror. When my mom shouted, "Motor Bike!" It was already too late. That man went straight into the drain. Then, dad and my brother had to carry the bike up to the double-cabin and sent for repair. Poor thing!! Mom still had the picture of "The Bike in the drain" taken.
Then, we waited for some time before my sis got into the car.
I was quite bored and tired, also irritated by the slow moving traffic.
"Oh My God! The car fell into the drain!!" Mom shouted.

The car in the drain.

Poor thing!! This car from the opposite direction went into the drain. This 2 men just successfully climbed out of the car. Look at the guy with the blue shirt, which was half wet on the right side, i am very sure that he is the driver. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped.
When we were still wondering how could this car got into the drain, i saw the other car at the junction nearby.

The front-terribly-knocked car parked at the junction.

Oh...... i think it must be this car tring to come out from the junction without looking at the car coming from the right side. True enough, the old lady was talking very loud to another guy; "I was trying to come out of this junction turning right. I did not see there was a car coming...."
There was no sense of "GUILT" at all from the way she talked. How sad...
Oh dear.... Just because of your "DID-NOT-SEE" attitude, you just caused a severe road accident!!! Luckily it was a car with 2 young men!! What if there were babies? or Pregnant woman in the car? Don't you feel guilty?
Anyway, drive safe... It will be too late to say sorry....
"It's too late to apologize... Too late....."

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