Sunday, March 7, 2010

Breakfast at Tong Lo Wan- Brighton Square

The weather was so fine...
Autumn woke up early as usual, but i did not go to work! So, we decided to bring her somewhere to have breakfast together. Jalan Song? Premier 101? Why not BDC area? All the suggestions were not approved, as these places are all without air-con?! In the end, we headed to Brighton Square- Tong Lo Wan, the main reason is its air-conditioned.

When you see from outside, it looks like very quiet and peaceful. You cannot see through the inside at all.

OMG!! This place was so packed... We were told to wait for a while before we could be seated. There were easily 15 tables with little children or babies, that is the reason why this place is so packed!! I am sure they all came here just because it is air-conditioned!!

Look at this mother, one hand carrying her baby but the other hand was busy eating.

Thid baby is on 41 days old!!! & he is sleeping so soundly in his granny's ;

Look at this little girl enjoying her ice-blended juice, while another granny was busy taking care of the grand-daughter....

We purposely ordered the porridge for Autumn but it was too watery i think, and it was quite hard to pick the stripes of ginger out as well.

Come, daddy feed you this porridge..

Har-Kow is very nice as well, the prawn is fresh and crispy.

I like the Bamboo rolls the most, it's yummy!!

This is the fried carrot cake, but it was too soggy and salty..

We left without finishing the soggy and salty dish...

Just one last shot before we left...
Just a simple thought, nowadays there are too many places to eat. Even in Brighton Square itself, there are so many choices. Everyone has the free will to choose!! Whether more convenient location, or better ambiance, fast and friendly service, more quality and delicious food, but from my observation today parents with little babies will normally go to air-conditioned restaurants. Babies can't stand the heat?? Or the parents?

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