Friday, March 26, 2010


Been busy for the last 2 weeks...
Feel so guilty when i saw how many unfinished posts, i just realized that i always fell asleep half way. Am i really that tired? Well, should be... Anyway, i would like to share my very successful sunset photos.... Even though it is not sunset by the sea, nor any mountains...
At least i like them....

Sunset of the housing area & playground.
After looking at so many sunset pictures... what do you think? Nice? or... nothing lerrr?
Well, everyone who really knows me knows that i am a photo-freak. Everywhere i go , i surely bring my camera along, and cannot stop taking photos..
All the pictures above are taken by Sony Cybershot, DSC- T200. It's my 3rd Sony Camera... still my 1st choice of mini handy trendy digital camera..

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