Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hornbill's BBQ Steamboat Buffet-Salvador's birthday

It was my bro's birthday, and we had ran out of idea on where to eat or celebrate. Definitely not at Big Onion, also not Lok Thian, i had continuously 3 times dinning at Lok Thian last month and i am so fed up with the food there. The children don't like Japanese food , and our parents don't like Western food. Nobody wanted to suggest a place. So in the end, Sylvia suggested, "Hornbill!!"

The pot is ready in the center of both our tables, oh the rate is still the same even though i haven't been here for ages...

I could hardly remember where to get the ingredient of cooking our meals. They poured only the boiling plain water into the pot. So, we had to add all sorts of spices into the plain water to make the soup tasty.

Look at pollen trying to get the cutlery, also all the spices for our soup, while Salvador was trying to gather all the balls in his plate. And the little boys were astonished and kept shouting, "Wow~ Wow~"
Haha.. kids...

Lets start off with putting all the spices into the pot of soup, add some Wong Bak to make the soup taste sweeter.

Everyone was so kiasuu~ cooking standing....
Well, you know why? If you were seated there all night long, im sure there will be blister all over your face. The oil from the hot plate kept splashing, that's why i got this shot.

My poor little Autumn is sweating like hell even though she was wearing so sexy.

Yummy!! The soup was boiling while the meat was cooking..
Compare these 2 pots, mom & dad are so slow and steady, but look at ours!! So Kiasu~ So full!!
All filled with the chicken, beef, lamb, etc... I can't even see the hot plate at all!! LOL

Look at the messy table and our 80% wet shirt... Hmmhhmmm... yummy~
My tips for those who are going to eat at Hornbill, don't shower before you go there.
You will definitely need to shower and wash your hair after the Buffet!! Believe me or not! Just try~

Last but not least.... A group photo for the whole family....

Cake cutting ceremony after blowing off the candles.

This is the Tiramisu Cake bought from Taka. Every year, we buy at least 15 cakes from this Taka Cakehouse. That's why the taukeh always can't top smiling whenever he sees me or my mom. Guess what! He even gave me a Capuccino Layered cake for CNY!! hehe... Don't be jealous~

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