Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Japanese Food at Kensaku Brighton Square

I am going to Brunei for 5 days, so we thought of eating out to be fast. No need to clear the dishes, or mess up the house again since Kakak just cleaned up the house today. So, i told hubby to select a place, and then we would just meet there coz i went straight from office.

 Brighton Square-night view

Hubby suggested to eat at Brighton Square, so we would just go to those shops that we had not been to. Maybe Life cafe or maybe Shan City. In the end, hubby chose the Japanese Restaurant. So we met there.
 Oh.. it's Kensaku Restaurant.. 
Hubby & Autumn are waiting inside, i told him to go ahead and order first.

 The Front door..
 Seated and started to looking at the menu, i totally could not think of a single type of dish that i wanted to eat. In fact, i was filling quite full. Oh yea!! I just remembered i actually had Japanese food for lunch, and it was a big set of Terriyaki Chiken Set, together with the salad, fruits, and Miso Soup.It was at The Food Gallery, Level 3 Tun Jugah as we had meetings during lunch. I was quite hungry, but never thought that huge set of food would last me till 8pm!!

 My baby waiting for the food to be served...

 It's okay, i checked with hubby what did he ordered, and then decided not to order anything...
Our favourite Unagi, but i only ate a bite of it...

Beef Terriyaki set, well, i think the one at The Spring Food Bazaar is much nicer...

Sashimi set for 2 person??? this is RM60 per set, but i think it is not so worth it..
Look!! Only how many pieces of each type?? 
Anyway, no worries as i don't eat Sashimi, this hsare will just be enough for hubby.It's his favourite!

As usual, a lot of Wasabi...

Steamed egg for Autumn...

Ok, that all about my dinner last night!!
Gotto wake Autumn up and get ready to rush to the airport now, mom has been calling several times...
Till then.....
UPDATE: i was not very happy & satisfied that we paid more than RM100 for that little food, which i only ate maybe 4 mouthful...... 
Nice place, good service, but I will not come back to get slaughtered the 2nd time!! not worth it...
Same owner with the Japanese Food at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, at the Boutique Hotel's lobby...

The Ugliest Picture in the Press Release!!

ALAMAK!!!! When i saw that news article on my table, i almost fainted!!

Why did this reporter do this to me?? He secretly took this ugly picture and just published this picture? Can't he be more professional and take a proper picture?? 
Or at least do like what Ai Fen did, she took several pictures and showed to us first, if we disagreed she would just delete it and retake. But this guys......HOLY  **%%##@#!!

Well, it is my job to be frequently appear in newspapers. Myself or my family and friends are so used to it already, and there is no more surprises like many years ago!!

Wow! it is published! it is Full Colour!! cut it... keep it...
Now?? haha.... nothing special as it is my job...
Here are some Press Coverage of my recent event-Story Telling Competition, most of the newspapers published the news with coloured pictures. it is very interesting, all the children dressed up for their stories! Most of them acted as animals, such as Rabbit, Pig, Wolf, Mouse, Lion, Tiger, they were just sooooo CUTE!!!

Front Page for Metro The Star!! She's from St. Mary School.

 The Star by Ai Fern

Full page coverage from Eastern Times

Well, maybe i should show more of the cutie children in their costume telling their interesting stories pictures.

This is the cutie little milk-maid.

Piggy's Ambition!!

Roaring Tiger

Moon Fairy

The Old Woman with a broken bowl

Lion & the Rat


Big Black Rat


Now, I'm a tiger!!

Well, it is fun to organize all these children events....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog from my BB

This is my 5th time trying to post sth from my BB since many days ago and it always failed.
I hope this time will be successful coz I will be travelling soon and could not easily hv the time or chance to use a pc or laptop. So, doing it from my BB will be the best!
Ermmm... But I don't see any upload picture button here???
Anyway, let me try to publish this short post first. See how it looks like.:)
Do comment and teach me, k?? Merci Bouquet!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toast Bar at Brighton Square

What would you do if you suggested to eat at this place and then you get pissed off many times with many reasons???
Well, i just had my really late breakfast with this super bad experience that it would be my very first time there and also will be my last time!! Hubby suggested to have breakfast at Brighton Square, so here we are...
At Brighton Square, there is a newly opened kopitiam next to Ipoh town-Shan City Kopitiam, but too bad it was full house, obviously because it is its first day opening. Next door is The Fresh Cup of Coffee, Life cafe, Toast Bar, and there is a Japanese Restaurant called Kensiyama at the last shop of the row.
I suggested to go into this Toast bar.
Here we are, looking at the menu, i found many of my favourites. I always love toasts, egg tarts or any types of pastry, hubby said i am always those bakery's No.1 Customer.

Hubby started to place his order, Nasi Lemak with Fish Fillet... Sorry, not available, so he ordered the Nasi Lemak with chicken Wings and the Thai Style Tauhu. Next, it's my turn to order.
This is my 1st choice but no more, too many people ordered this that's why no more...

Next... Egg tart.. also no more!!??? WTF!!

The 3rd time... The soft Bun also no more!!??? 
WTF!! Can they just put a "Not Available" or "Sold Out" sticker??? 

Obviously the waiter knew i was mad and so he apologized. I said, just tell me straight what do you have, i don't want to waste my time..

In the end, i ordered this. A sandwich set, with a cup of hot Milo and 2 half-boiled eggs.

Here comes hubby's food...
Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing, the rice smelt nice with Pandan and coconut milk but was too dry.

Thai Style Fried Tauhu...
Guess what, Tauhu is his favourite but he only ate less than 1/2 piece of the tauhu. i tried a bit, the taste is so damn weird!!?? It's not edible at all!!!

This is my Cheese & Ham sandwich...

Salted shredded cucumber in between, errmmm not bad..

Guess what, we finished our meal, and the hot Milo is not even here yet??! then i realized the table next to me was also quite unhappy, they have 2 bowls of noodles but no drinks at all?? They just paid and left, but i am not that type of goody person when it comes to food. 
We customers always have our rights!! I must spend and pay with satisfaction, if not.... i complain.

Here comes the MILO, how long does it take to make a small cup of MILO??? Well, it took me 45 minutes to get it, after we had finished our food and were about to leave!

This shop is called TOAST BAR but more of the toast sold out?? Stock ordering and sales projection is very important, if a customer came here for the first time and his experience was 3 out of 5 items were sold out??? What do you think?

Look at the interior, everything is white, and they have nice flowery wall paper, with very nice lightings and fans, etc... Even, the washroom also looks quite grand..

Hand washing sink @ Toilet @ Wahsroom..

Well, everyone wants to be a BOSS, and operate their own business, but it is not that easy. You can be very cash-loaded and spend a lot of money in the interior design and all those, but, the most important part is the service!! Customers come FIRST!!

I think, the waitresses and waiters there are very polite and friendly. But they need more training in taking orders and doing follow up, at least suggest something that is nice or available that will make the customers happy or come back again? or repeat and confirm the order to ensure accuracy??

The problem is with the whole management, they do not have a proper system to monitor the order and if not how could both my table and the table next to me did not get our drink or mistakenly delivered the food that was not ordered?? Nobody realized that even after 40 minutes until the customers complained? Perhaps they should learn more....

We spent the most unworthy RM19.40 today!! and now i am hungry again....

Toast Bar, Block 16,
Brighton Square,
Jalan Song,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Damai aka Permai Beach

It was a sunny day, so we proceeded with our plan to go to the beach!! We went to Damai Beach during the weekend. It was a rare chance that the girls did not have any transfers or tours, and i did not have any events going on that weekend.
I was so excited! and Autumn was excited too!! least i thought she was excited!
We parked at the Permai carpark and walked through the trail...

Finally, we arrived the Damai Beach!! Let's take a picture before we all get wet and sticky!

 Hey! Let me cam-whore first!! I was so surprised!! Dick took a shot of himself first before he snapped us! LOL..
Hehe.. Finally, a shot of Mareike & me.. So relaxed and happy...

Tante Norma & us..

Tante Fabi & Autumn

Cool Daddy! "Why coming to the beach at such weather? Why trying to get tanned?"

Let's get wet... heading to the water...

A group picture before we all get wet...

Not again~ He just loved taking pictures of himself, right Dick??

Oh! I just loved this one!! look at the waves splashing up, how nice!

Finally, a good group picture!

I just realised when i downloaded these pictues into my PC, lol!!! 
What's the opposite of Cam-whore? Cam-Gigolo?? Cute larr this boy!!

Look!! Michael is the next victim! 
Asleep on the beach... Dick-the "Cam-Gigolo" went over and took this pic!!Artistic, isn't it??

Autumn was tired and moody coz she was teething.
She was not happy when her feet touched the sand when i put her on the beach!!

It suddenly rained and we had to pack and go. A family picture before we left
  Thanks to this lady (i think she is a tourist?), who was so dedicated and automatically took us many pictures, first it was right in the centre and the sea was behind us, then the left side of the beach, followed by right side, and finally the last shot! Thanks a lot!
Well, I haven't been to the beach (or Damai) for ages, the last time was when i was pregnant, Year 2008 Rainforest World Music Festival,  Well, I went to RWMF for 8 years continuously except last year when Autumn was only 8 months old and there was H1N1 outbreak, etc...
Yea, i remember i took a lot of pictures that time.
Here it is!! Taken at the same beach- Damai...
This picture was taken  when i was pregnant with Autumn about 5 months, 
together with my beloved sisters, Sylvia and Musha... 
They are Hot & pretty, right? 
Want their numbers?? hehe....