Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Date Night-to reignite the marital spark!!

Oh My God~!! The other day my best friend and i were just talking and comparing about our dates with our husbands before marriage and our dates now, after marriage and with our little ones around.
After i watched the trailer of this movie- Date Night-some dates end with a bang by Claire and Phil Foster (Tina Fey and Steve Carell). Oh My God! Most of the scenes in the movie are SOOooooo familiar!! Comparing the 1st date with my hubby 10 years ago, and our very recent.....ermm issit that long? 10 years? Let me double check..

I must be too old to remember dates already… It should be 7 years ago!!
Wow.. it's been 7 years!! That's like so fast!! But, the details of the date are still very fresh on my mind. Because it was the first time he asked me out on a date! That was the New Year eve, 31st December 2002.

Believe it or not… that was my very Very FIRST FORMAL DATE NIGHT out with a guy. He took me to THE SAN FRANCISCO GRILL at Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching. It was a candle light dinner, in a very cosy, romantic fine dining restaurant. That was my 1st time there!! & wait….. and also the only time I went there!!

Of course… we want to dine there only with a very special occasion, and in the end we never return. It’s not never, it is not yet…
Maybe for our 8th year Anniversary?
So, back to the CANDLE LIGHT ROMATIC 5 course DINNER…

There was a man playing piano, with all those romantic Richard Clayderman’s music.
I was so shy….
He gave me a bouquet of PINK ROSES….
The appetizer came…
The main course….. he was so gentleman that he helped me to cut the steak, which obviously he is so much better than me.
We talked softly… He joked but I did not laugh, just giggled so lady-likely…..
Ermmm… oh! That was how we started dating..

"sorry... no pictures..."

Well, our Valentine’s Day was FABULOUS!!
Look at this!!

Can you count how many roses are there??
Sorry, this is very old but this is the only photo i have..

It was Valentine’s Day, he came over and told me to go to the car. He carried “something” which seemed to be very heavy, and when I saw it, I was astonished!!
Oh My God!!
365 RED ROSES!!!!
I was stunned....blushed… never received so many roses before…
N then we went out for dinner, but the details were not important already…
The highlight is the super big bouquet of roses!!!

This Valentine's Card is done by him as well..... sweet??
Pre-wedding photo-shooting...

After our 2 years’ marriage..with my little baby around, we seldom have any romantic 2 person’s dates. We live together, we see each other every day, we are busy with works, busy with our daughter at home and we love her very much that we do not want to leave her wherever we go. We have not stepped into a cinema since I gave birth to Autumn!! Whether it is birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, CNY, NY, we celebrate all these with our baby around. our date!!

December 12th, Year 2009, hubby arranged a “special Date or Party” for me on my birthday!!! Normally, we take turn to go out at night so one of us could take care of our daughter. But, this very special night, he arranged my sister to babysit Autumn.
He told me that he will bring me out for some parties to celebrate my birthday.
“Oh My GOD~” All my best friends are around!! He must have put in a lot of efforts to arrange for this surprise!! How sweet~~ A surprised party, and bring along so many close friends to witness our love!!!!

That's me surprisingly blowing the candles on my birthday cake.

Yeah.. that's about my date nights!!! From being single, till married, and with a child…. It is really uneasy to spend quality time with only you and your dear. As we normally put all our attentions to the little one, and most of the time have neglected the other half unintentionally…

Normally, most married couples' conversations drift from barely-date talk to the same chore-chat they have at the dinner table at home. Exhausted from their jobs and baby, it's really uneasy to have any romance or dates..

I strongly recommend that those married or maybe couples who have been together for donkey years to watch this DATE NIGHT by Phil (Carell) and Claire Foster (Fey). You will surely laugh!! Coz' the scenes are just too familiar!!!

This movie will surely reignite the marital spark!! I hope i will get the free ticket to watch it too!!

Here is the summary sypnosis of the movie:

Phil and Claire are a sensible, loving couple with two kids and a house in suburban New Jersey. The Fosters have their weekly “date night” – an attempt at re-experiencing the spice of the dates of yesteryear, involving the same weekly night out at the local Teaneck Tavern. After seeing two of their best friends – another married couple with kids in suburban New Jersey – split apart from living the same life they themselves lead, Phil took Claire into Manhattan to the city’s hottest new restaurant, trying to reignite the marital spark.
They stole another couple's reservation -Tripplehorns, but it turns out that they are a thieving couple who are being hunted down by a pair of corrupt cops for having stolen property from some very dangerous people. Phil and Claire embark on a wild and dangerous series of crazy adventures to save their lives. . . and their marriage.

Can't wait till 8th April!! 

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