Friday, April 23, 2010

Damai aka Permai Beach

It was a sunny day, so we proceeded with our plan to go to the beach!! We went to Damai Beach during the weekend. It was a rare chance that the girls did not have any transfers or tours, and i did not have any events going on that weekend.
I was so excited! and Autumn was excited too!! least i thought she was excited!
We parked at the Permai carpark and walked through the trail...

Finally, we arrived the Damai Beach!! Let's take a picture before we all get wet and sticky!

 Hey! Let me cam-whore first!! I was so surprised!! Dick took a shot of himself first before he snapped us! LOL..
Hehe.. Finally, a shot of Mareike & me.. So relaxed and happy...

Tante Norma & us..

Tante Fabi & Autumn

Cool Daddy! "Why coming to the beach at such weather? Why trying to get tanned?"

Let's get wet... heading to the water...

A group picture before we all get wet...

Not again~ He just loved taking pictures of himself, right Dick??

Oh! I just loved this one!! look at the waves splashing up, how nice!

Finally, a good group picture!

I just realised when i downloaded these pictues into my PC, lol!!! 
What's the opposite of Cam-whore? Cam-Gigolo?? Cute larr this boy!!

Look!! Michael is the next victim! 
Asleep on the beach... Dick-the "Cam-Gigolo" went over and took this pic!!Artistic, isn't it??

Autumn was tired and moody coz she was teething.
She was not happy when her feet touched the sand when i put her on the beach!!

It suddenly rained and we had to pack and go. A family picture before we left
  Thanks to this lady (i think she is a tourist?), who was so dedicated and automatically took us many pictures, first it was right in the centre and the sea was behind us, then the left side of the beach, followed by right side, and finally the last shot! Thanks a lot!
Well, I haven't been to the beach (or Damai) for ages, the last time was when i was pregnant, Year 2008 Rainforest World Music Festival,  Well, I went to RWMF for 8 years continuously except last year when Autumn was only 8 months old and there was H1N1 outbreak, etc...
Yea, i remember i took a lot of pictures that time.
Here it is!! Taken at the same beach- Damai...
This picture was taken  when i was pregnant with Autumn about 5 months, 
together with my beloved sisters, Sylvia and Musha... 
They are Hot & pretty, right? 
Want their numbers?? hehe....


  1. I missed Damai beach -_-" It has been a long time since i visited a beach in Kuching :(

  2. Yeah, it has also been a long time since i last came to Damai... :)