Sunday, April 11, 2010

Glitter Tattoo @ Toyota Annual Dinner at Four Points Kuching

It was Toyota's Annual Dinner at Four Points. My sister & i went to help a friends and we were the Glitter Tattoo Artists.
Look at this, the theme is Denim...
All the ladies and gentlemen were wearing jeans, whether pants or shirts, skirts or dresses, they have to be denim!
this is the early bird, she got the glitter tatto first!

Apply the glue and glitters onto the sticker...

There.... A ROSE!!

I've got a tatto on my shoulder

Gradually, more and more Toyota peeps came...They were excited to get the glitter tattoo, we could feel the heat as there were more and more crowd surrounding us.
This lady wants a glitter tattoo on the hand.

The girls in black want it on the back and shoulder.

i would love to do one on the chest...

Mr. Fong from KL: "I'll have mine on the arm"

A star on my left arm..

This gentleman would also love to do 1 on the chest.

Come on!! Do it on my forehead~

Hehe... these 2 gentlemen are having it on the face~ huhu... waiting patiently before i peel off the sticker... :)

Met Kelvin's sister, Karen and she also had a glitter tattoo from us...

This lady has one on the shoulder and another on the chest~ NICE!

Another sexy lady's tattoo on the chest..

This is my favourite- DOLPHIN!!

With gorgeous Melanie--the Organizer

Glitter Tattoo...A very short but wonderful experience...

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