Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breakfast on a Public Holiday - DIM SUM

It's a Public Holiday today -Good Friday, and we had decided to have Dim Sum for breakfast.
I suggested to go to the Pullman Hotel, because i heard friends said they served really nice Dim Sum in the Chinese restaurant. But....I was not sure whether i heard the correct information or not, so we did not go with so many uncertainties...
In the end, we went to Lok Thian Restaurant's top floor-- 悦上海  Happy Shang Hai


 We always come here for dinner, but this is the very first time we come here for breakfast..

 Yeah!~That's what we are here for... The Dim Sum~

Lots of pastry like egg tarts and puffs, the various choices of dim sums look yummy too..

First, they serve you with a pot of Chinese Tea..

I ordered a fish porridge for Autumn..

All these dim Sum are for us~

Chicken Feet is delicious!

I love the Zhu Chiong Fan too, you must eat it with the Belacan paste.

 Pork Ribs with Garlics

Sio Bee is a very very common type of Dim Sum, but this one certainly is yummy!

As for the Har Kaw- the prawn inside is crispy and fresh..

Not for this Cantonese Meat Dumpling... 
tasted very weird and we just had one and the rest let it be there... Don't ever order this...

This Glutinous rice comes 2 in a set, it tastes very nice with the char siew & mushroom wrapped inside.

Overall, this breakfast is satisfactory and we are very very full. 
At least Autumn & daddy were not sweating... Parents with babies can come here for breakfast!!

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