Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love is in the air-Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur.

The other day we were heading to the Town with Adran and Michelle, so we had our late diner at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang area.
Jalan Alor, this is the place where i often would eat dinner whenever we come to KL. Most of the time i would just book the hotels around Bukit Bitang area which is the most convenient.I either stayed in Capital Hotel, Alpha Genesis Hotel (used to be Alson Genesis Hotel), Park Royal Hotel, or whichever available with the cheaper rate...
We were sitting right opposite the Bak-GUa Stalls. Surounded by smoke from the satay stall, and all the frying and cooking, also the BBQ of the Bak-Gua. But, hmm...smell nice!
We were all super duper hungry so we quickly ordered.

Spicy Clams or Lala.

Oyster with Eggs, very crispy and scrumptious. RM10 per plate.

Belacan Kangkung...

                                                                            Mongolian Pork

Dinner was great since we were very hungry, it is a very common eating place that everyone knows so i don;t have much to say about this place... Except for the scene below...
This scene was very touching... 3 of them are all handicapped, but they each played a very impotant role. The guy who could walk push their trolley, the other two who were on the wheel chair could sing very well were singing to entertain the eating crowd. They came from the other end of Jalan Alor till this side of the road. They were physically handicapped but they were so vey independent. They did not beg for donation, instead the actually put in the efforts to earn their money. I salute them.
I was very touched. Many people walked over and gave them money. There are still many loving and kind-hearted people in this world. Normally, whenever i see those deaf and dumb people who sell tissue or soft toys, i will give them the money eventhough i din't need the things they sell. Or sometimes, when i see those very very old lady who hardworkingly bring fruits, cookies, or any other things for sale, i will also give them money eventhough i don't want to buy anything. I will always ask questions like where are their children???
There is only 1 situation he i don't give any donation. For those beggars who are very physically healthy like us, i looked down on them becuse they are just lazy people.

AS i walked over to put in some notes into their box. I was praying that more people would give them money since they worked so hard. I hope if anyone of you who met them elsewhere in KL area, please help them.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Restaurant Dine Out at Glenmarie, Shah Alam

We wanted to eat something freshly cooked from the kitchen, maybe some vegetables, meat, soup with rice...
So, Alex brought us to this Restaurant DINE OUT at Glenmarie, U1.
This is also located at Glenmarie (opposite Meng Kee BBQ Pork, same row with Deli Dumplings)

Very Chinese traditional Design at the main door.

This is the special herbal Chicken Soup.

Enjoying the nutritional soup...

Special Homemade tofu, this was superb yummy, smooth, and very soy rich.

Yam Chicken with the special sauce.

Prawn balls fried with Kai-lan. It was very fresh and crispy, and very prawn rich.

They have free ice cream for the customers, it is free of charge and free flow as well.

Yummy! Yummy! I had corn ice-cream together with chocolate chips.

The interior of the shop, i only took this picture when almost all the lunch crowd left.

I super love the table liner hanging on the ceilings, together with the lamps....

All those Authentic Traditional Chinese antiques and furniture display.....

The Giant Vase..

Do you know how to read the 2 Chinese words?

The owner of the restaurant-Mr. Gilbert Chin saw me taking many pictures, so he came over and chit chat with us. He is a very friendly person, and also a photography craze!

Mr. Gilbert was showing us all his masterpiece taken with his Canon 40D, after added the Macro lens and filter. Even a 2 mm mini spider can be so clear!!Wow~We could see all the 4 eyes, hairy legs, etc.  
We even had some sharing and discussions session for a while, and even talked about those camera lens, flash ligh effect, etc. His conclusion is...not necessary to have many equipments but must know how to fully utilize all the equipments you have... So true!

This is Joyce holding Mr. Gilbert DSLR Canon 40D.

Wow... so famous one....

A group photo of all of us with Mr. Gilbert Chin- the owner..

The total amount was RM97 for those 4 dishes, and a pot of chinese tea.
It was a bit costly but it was worth it since the service was good, food was scrumptious, ambiance was comfortable, people were friendly.

Dine Out Restaurant @ Fatt Kei 發记酒家
Authentic Malaysia Chinese Cuisine
25&27, Jalan U1/37,
Section U1, Glenmarie 40150 Shah Alam.

They were previously located at Subang Jaya/ USJ11, they just moved to Glenmarie recently....

p/s: all the pictures taken with Blackberry Bold 9700.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A for ANTS!!!

Yea, A for Ant >>it  is in one of my baby's ABC reading chart.

In school we always read about how hardworking the ants are, and they are always very good in teamwork, and many more other stories in moral classes....
But, in real life, hate them...

I had some bread inside my files. 
I left the file on the table for less than 1 hour and went for my shower, the troops came..
Ants are everywhere on the table, from donno where from the wall, 
they all busily rushed in and out of my file...


I should say that, if anyone who could hire the ants to work for them, for sure their business will expand speedily. But, seriously, i hate them for being too hardworking....
Ants are definitely a disaster for me. These ants are too determined and never give up. Even if the packaging is totally sealed, eg: Maggie mee, or other packet food, they were attacked. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home~
I left home on 1st August for some trainings in KL, I missed home so much especially my hubby and baby. I knew it was gonna end very soon, so i will just have to bare with it a little bit more.
Everyday i would call home and talked to Autumn, but i relised that she did not really wanna talk to me since last few days. Then, she was like totally ignored me. She even said:" I don''t want mommy!" She repeatedly saying that and my heart was like all crumbled together at that second. Every single sentence that came from her mouth shattered my heart into million of pieces.."NO-WAY!" I said to myself. My baby must be really sad and did not understand why did the mommy left her for so many days. Last month, when i went Korea for  days, she was okay. But, definitely not this time, 10 days duration is way too long...

The next day i called to the school and talked to the teacher, she told me that Autumn kept saying i don;t want mommy to them in school. the teachers tried to explain to her. But she said i want daddy, i don't want mommy..... I was even more and more tortured with those words...

That's why i made up my mind, i must go home this Friday night. Even if i have to spend about RM500 for my ticket to fly home for only 2 nights, it is still worth it as long as i can see my baby. I must explain to her that i was working. I must make her understand and then be happy again..

Here i am back at home, i hugged my baby and she was like totally speechless. All the way from the arrival hall till the carpark, she did not say a word except for hugging me tightly with her face on my shoulder. I know she missed me. That's why she was mad at me. Eventhough, she kept silent i knew she understood what i said. So, i kept talking to her explaining everything. I even sang all her favourite songs, and then finally in the car she called me:"mommy", in a very very soft and shy voice.

I passed her the books i bought for her, she was happily holding the books, flipping them, and told the daddy about her new books... Reached home, i finally heard her talking, laughing, and reading her new books.

Must spend every second wisely with her for the next 48 hours before flying off again....
It needs a lot of efforts if we want to get a balance in our career and family life...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Char Siew @ BBQ Pork at Meng Kee, Glenmarie Shah Alam

We have tried many different restaurants, cafe, kopitiam, and mamak at Glenmarie area. Every time we passed by this Restaurant Meng Kee Char Siew, we could not go in as we could see that it was always very packed from far.

 Today, we finally made up our mind, we must go and eat the Char Siew Rice. Since all the tables outside were full, so we walked inside.
Oh My God!! I was shocked! Speechless...

All the 30-40 tables were fully sitted, not even an empty seat available. Some of the bigger tables were shared by 2 different groups of people, and there were so many other waiting-to-sit-down customers aiming at those tables... We were stunned for a second......

Look at these 2 men, they were both NON-STOP chopping the chicken and the char siew... their speed could be easily 5 seconds per plate/ take away...

  All the tables were ful, and whenever someone was about to finish the food, there were many waiting lists aiming at the tables..

We were standing there for about 10 minutes, we almost had to share a table with anther group of people. Thank God there were these 2 guys sitted ouside who had just finished their lunch called me, so i quickly sat there and called my friends to come outside...

 It was a super duper hot Sunny Day, but we did not mind sitting outside on the pedestrian walkway, under the hot sun...

We kept taking pictures while waiting for our food to be served.

Bean Sprouts....

The tender and juicy Char Siew..

The Sausage is very scrumptious as well...

Roasted Chicken is just normal..

Of course we also had a plate of chicken rice each...

Everything cleared, super full!! It only cost us about RM 15 per pax.

I'm gonna takeaway this Yummy Char Siew and Sausages back home to Kuching tomorrow night!!!

Meng Kee Char Siew Restaurant
No. 20, Jalan Pekedai,
U1/36 Hitcom-Glenmarie Industrial Park,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor