Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deli Dumplings @ Shah Alam

The lunch today was perfect! Why? I do not want to eat at the Mamak always, so i went to Seksyen U1 because there are so many choices!!

Okie.... This is one of the many eating places we selected...

This looks like a newly opened shop, it is very packed during lunch hour so we had to sit outside. :) 

We were staring at every order the waitress delivered to other tables.
Wondering when would it be our turn??
The very 3 layered Teh C that i can always have in Kuching, this is only RM2.50 and they name it
 "Kuching Special Teh C".

The presentation was very impressively tempting!!
Laichee Meat noodles= Only RM6.90

Spare rib Noodle soup RM6.50

Spareribs dry noodles at only RM6.50

Prawn Dumplings at only RM3.00 for 5 pieces..
Very hungry...

Yum yum!! Joyce is having spareribs noodle soup....

Laichee Noodles that Joel ordered is the best of all!

The total bill was only RM30.40, very cheap, average only Rm10 per person, will surely come to this shop again.......

The next time we visit this place, i will order the Laichee Noodles.
Deli Dumplings
17, Jalan Juru Audit UI,
Section 01, 40150 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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