Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A for ANTS!!!

Yea, A for Ant >>it  is in one of my baby's ABC reading chart.

In school we always read about how hardworking the ants are, and they are always very good in teamwork, and many more other stories in moral classes....
But, in real life, hate them...

I had some bread inside my files. 
I left the file on the table for less than 1 hour and went for my shower, the troops came..
Ants are everywhere on the table, from donno where from the wall, 
they all busily rushed in and out of my file...


I should say that, if anyone who could hire the ants to work for them, for sure their business will expand speedily. But, seriously, i hate them for being too hardworking....
Ants are definitely a disaster for me. These ants are too determined and never give up. Even if the packaging is totally sealed, eg: Maggie mee, or other packet food, they were attacked. 

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