Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love is in the air-Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur.

The other day we were heading to the Town with Adran and Michelle, so we had our late diner at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang area.
Jalan Alor, this is the place where i often would eat dinner whenever we come to KL. Most of the time i would just book the hotels around Bukit Bitang area which is the most convenient.I either stayed in Capital Hotel, Alpha Genesis Hotel (used to be Alson Genesis Hotel), Park Royal Hotel, or whichever available with the cheaper rate...
We were sitting right opposite the Bak-GUa Stalls. Surounded by smoke from the satay stall, and all the frying and cooking, also the BBQ of the Bak-Gua. But, hmm...smell nice!
We were all super duper hungry so we quickly ordered.

Spicy Clams or Lala.

Oyster with Eggs, very crispy and scrumptious. RM10 per plate.

Belacan Kangkung...

                                                                            Mongolian Pork

Dinner was great since we were very hungry, it is a very common eating place that everyone knows so i don;t have much to say about this place... Except for the scene below...
This scene was very touching... 3 of them are all handicapped, but they each played a very impotant role. The guy who could walk push their trolley, the other two who were on the wheel chair could sing very well were singing to entertain the eating crowd. They came from the other end of Jalan Alor till this side of the road. They were physically handicapped but they were so vey independent. They did not beg for donation, instead the actually put in the efforts to earn their money. I salute them.
I was very touched. Many people walked over and gave them money. There are still many loving and kind-hearted people in this world. Normally, whenever i see those deaf and dumb people who sell tissue or soft toys, i will give them the money eventhough i din't need the things they sell. Or sometimes, when i see those very very old lady who hardworkingly bring fruits, cookies, or any other things for sale, i will also give them money eventhough i don't want to buy anything. I will always ask questions like where are their children???
There is only 1 situation he i don't give any donation. For those beggars who are very physically healthy like us, i looked down on them becuse they are just lazy people.

AS i walked over to put in some notes into their box. I was praying that more people would give them money since they worked so hard. I hope if anyone of you who met them elsewhere in KL area, please help them.

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