Monday, September 6, 2010


My last post was written when i was still in KL for my training, which was 17 days ago...
I have never abandoned my blog for so long, but i am too tied up. There are so many things that i wanna share with all of you. So many nice places that i have been to, so many nice eating places that i went, etc.
However, i am soooo sorry, guys.
It's been really a very busy month since August till now. 24 hours a day seems not to be enough for me at the moment. Ever since i decided to come out of my comfort zone.
I love marketing, promotions and events planning but why did i quit? Well, maybe this is one of the reasons other than i need more time for my Autumn, I need to have a breakthrough for myself.
I need to strive through the bottleneck. It is time. I cannot wait anymore. The ceiling will be gone once we strive to break it.
For my new job, for my secret projects, for my baby, etc. I just have to be "ON THE MOVE" always...
I was in Korea, KL, Kuching, KL, Kuching, and then Miri, Brunei, back to Kuching again....
I'll be going to KK for another buddy's wedding next week. Yeah, this month onwards i have at least 5 weddings to attend... September 18th, October 23rd, November, December 18th x 2 weddings so i think hubby and i will have to split to 2 receptions.
Anyway, I am not complaining at all. I am just glad that i have decided to change. To make a difference in my life. To strive harder when we still have the energy. Before it is too late.... So, i feel very contented. I am very happy. I hope anyone of you out there who is indecisive about anything, just remember that to CHANGE needs courage. It will definitely be different when you change.
Choose a job you like and you never have to work a day in your life!
OMG, i'm like mumbling in the middle of the night... Just an update about myself...
Good night!!

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