Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do Not Buy Jade when you tour 以後旅遊别買“玉”

This morning i received a forwarded mail and i was so shocked!!!


"Do not buy Jade while on tour" 
Many people do not have the real knowledge about jade. Sometime they thought they have got a good buy on a rare or precious jade, and they did not realised that they have actually purchase a dangerous stone that will endanger their health or life due to the chemicals that used to process this fade jade and the release of the chemical 
reaction to human after a long term wearing. 
Read the information below:
俗称的石头料,没水、没底、没色!Normal type of stone , without sign of water, no base and colourless!

Horrible thing happen ! They used a very strong acidic and strong chemical to soak the stone for half a month!

After chemical reaction, the stone have change its look!

Additional work on the stone after chemical soaking.

Placing the fade Jade into a machine for high pressure injection.

This high pressure injection will take a few days to complete!

Semi finished products , its look has changed !

Finished products exhibite in the market, some pricing up to 70 - 80K per piece.  Fade good sold after a price negotiation.

Oh No!! I bought many jades when i went to Yunnan, China few years ago. Yes, with very expensive price some more but i thought it was good natural stone and will promote good health, etc....
Thank God due to my "Cho-Lo" nature, that the jade had a crack so i just kept in the drawer and never wear it anymore because i was afraid that i might break the whole thing.

Now i will say "Thank God!"

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