Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Euro Deli Restaurant

This post has been hanging in my draft for so long....  blame the internet!! So slow for the whole last week, just got back from  KK and thank God Internet is good so i must complete this post... n then start sharing about Kota Kinabalu...

Meeting up with Beely was the best thing that happened when i was in KL August !! Really, we have lost contact for so long, long before she joined another company, etc... She was soooo excited and wanted to bring me to eat the Giant Crab but, due to The Ghost festival on the next day it was closed.

So, she decided to bring me here... Euro Deli Restaurant, at Damansara Kim, somewhere near Uptown area.

The very first thing we did was....take photo!!

We're at Euro Deli!!

You can see clearly by the road side...

There is a cold storage area, where you can buy all sorts of German sausages.

Nice Ambiance...

If you can eat the whole burger (exactly the same size), everything on the table will be free of charge!

These are the people who had tried the challenge but non of them really succeeded!! So, they had to pay Rm88 for the Giant Burger as the penalty!!

The wine bar counter, choose any red or white wine you want... German beers available as well!!

This bun that they serve you while waiting for the food ordered is super soft, fresh and yummy!! We both almost wanted to ask for another one!

Since they are famous as the "Sausage King", so we ordered the sausages. Beely said it is very delicious!

Here come our order!!
Germischter Wurst Teller>> The Sausage platter with 4 different sausages. RM40.90 ++

The Best Sausages on earth!! Swiss German Pork Sausage...awww...

You may choose between 3 pieces to 6 pieces of sausages...

The very Famous German Pork Knuckle: RM29.90, very big portion.

 Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon, Ham and Cream Cheese at RM21.90

Both of our stomach almost burst!! Too full!!  But, there are still so much food left!! The waiter who took our order told us, "See, i reminded you guys the portion is big!"

A picture with the Sausage King as a memory.

Next time i must bring my hubby and baby there...
The address....
41, Jalan SS20/11
Damansara Kim,
47400 PJ, Selangor

Tel: 03-7726 7495
 They have many other branches selling the sausages and shops as well...

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