Sunday, September 12, 2010

Restaurant Fancy Mee Corner 愛面子

Heyhey... Haven't been sharing about all the yummy food since many weeks ago, other than been busy, one of the reasons is because many of my friends out there were fasting. So, i din't want to be so sinful to post out all the temptations during the Ramadhan Month= Fasting month...

So... What's so special about the Restaurant named Fancy Mee Corner?? Of course they have very nice noodles larrr... I almost forgotten about this shop coz we had been to so many restaurants, cafes, kopitiam in Glenmarie U1 area. My poor Sony Cybershot is admitted to the Hospital so all the pictures are in the memory card... Thank God for this wonderful September, that we literally work only 4 days a week, so i have more time...

My Iced Longan Milk (RM3.20), very thirst quenching!!! Love it!!

Pity Joyce coz she was having sore throat, so she ordered this Kam-kat Honey which is hot (RM2.90)!!

Finally our noodles are here. Comparing to Deli Dumpling, their service is really very good and fast!!

Dreid Chilli Pan-Mee with Anchovies only at RM5.50.

Dried Chilli Pan-Mee with Fried Fish Cake RM6.20

Dried Braised Pork Pan-Mee at RM5.50

Traditional Dumpling Soup- RM4.20

All the dried noodles come with a bowl of hot soup.

Crispy yummy dried fish cake.

The very big piece of Dumpling.

Last but not least, this is the most special ingredient that you must not missed out!! The dried Chilli!!
There is a whole big pot ready for you to add into your noodles.

Bye Bye! We will be back!!
愛面子 Fancy Noodles or Chilli Pan Mee Restaurant
Np: 22, GF Jalan Pekedai U1/36,
Hicon Glenmarie 40150 Shah Alam,

P/S: Next to Meng Kee Char Siew...

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  1. Gosh I want those dumplings. The BIGGER the better!