Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Banquet House, Insadong, Seoul

One of the nights we went to Insadong area for dinner.
This is the BEST DINNER that we had in Seoul, which was like The feast of the Kings and Queens.
So be ready for tones of pictures coz we had sooooo much food!!!

 There are many very cultural and traditional buildings at insadong Area, you can also find many different types of souvenirs, or any art related items here..

This is the little building-The banquet House, where we had our abundant feast like Queens and kings!!

 All the floors are customized at the minimum height which is enough for you to sit, that's why they manage to have 4 floors in such a small building.

Going up to the 2nd floor...

The full horizontal view..

All of us were provided with aprons so that we won't dirty our clothes while eating.

The very first dish they serve you is the sweetened porridge, als as an appetizer.

This is the traditional type of Korean Rice wine,very thick and also strong.

Side Dish No:1 Mixture of Beansprouts, carrots, and cabbages

Side Dish No:2 Donno what vege but a little bit sour and very appetizing

Side Dish No:3 also donno what vege but i almost puke eating this!!yakss

Side Dish No:4 Some kind of preserved fish, they warned us about the odour but to their surprise,I love it!!!!!

Oh! Pork! my favourite! This is BBQ style, we finished the pork but nobody touched the kimchi.

Fried prawn, fish, meat and vege platter!!

Some kind of cold tofu platter

By looking at this picture, you can see how big is the serving...

Vegetables egg pancake..

Beef with Vermicile Noodles

Spicy fish

Bugalgi beef soup, this is scrumptious!!

Sashimi Fish..

Special Marinated Beef with Sunflower seed. Very expensive but i didn't like it..

look at the table, this is not the only food we had, we had  
3 rounds of this much of food!!!

 Fried Fish, very fresh...

i love this pumpkin as well but was too full to eat it...

Mixed grain Rice.

After we thought we finished up everything, the Koreans took out this rice pot..
Oh, after they scoop out the rice for us, they actually pour hot water into the rice pot, soaking the leftover rice throughout the meal time, then those dry rice were soft enough to be consumed.
It is a Korea tradition that we must not waste a single bit "RICE".

So full yet so satisfied.....

 And the amount for 5 persons..... worth it!!!

The cute waiter!!

Anyone of you guys who plan to visit Seoul, Korea since Airasia has direct flights to Seoul...
You must visit this place:
The Banquet House, Insadong.

p/s: Will try to update the full address when i get home coz i have the name card!! :)

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