Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chul Pan and Bu Dae Ji Ge at I-Park Mall, Yong San-gu, Seoul

One of the afternoon, we went to I-Park Mall nearby Yong San Tower to eat the "Army's Pot". We had to walk like about 10 minutes, crossing 3 streets to reach here. Very tiring, that's the only weakness... But, the Koreans people are so used to walking so they felt that was normal...

 Finally, here we are......

 oh... it's a new restaurant, just opened in April.

 The interior was nice.....

Table setting up was neat and clean as well...

Let's be seated and wait for our food to arrive..

I did not know what we were eating coz we told them we could eat everything, so they just ordered for us..

 Wow! This is our food!!
One of the very special criteria of Korean Food is >>Everything in 1 Pot!!!
Like this:

They call this "The ARMY's POT"!!! 1 pot for 4 people..
Noodles, sausages, ham, beans, cabbages, vermicelli noodles, pork, and the Kimchii Sauce!!!

Why is this called the Army's Pot (Bu Dae ji Ge)?? Coz in the past when the soldiers going into the war, they need to eat very quickly so they dumped everything in 1 big pot. In this way, you can eat everything together so it is faster!

Oh! I super love this Army pot, coz i am also a Steamboat lover!! hehe..
It was very spicy, but it was great to eat with some Coke and Sprite!!

My friend ordered the Pineapple juice as well, so we all tested it since it was such a giant pack!
 In less than 15 minutes, we finished up everything in the pot.... Woohoo!! Fast??

 Promotions? Sorry i can't read Koreans so i do not know what was it about...

It was a perfect lunch!!! I love it.....

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