Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Ugliest Picture in the Press Release!!

ALAMAK!!!! When i saw that news article on my table, i almost fainted!!

Why did this reporter do this to me?? He secretly took this ugly picture and just published this picture? Can't he be more professional and take a proper picture?? 
Or at least do like what Ai Fen did, she took several pictures and showed to us first, if we disagreed she would just delete it and retake. But this guys......HOLY  **%%##@#!!

Well, it is my job to be frequently appear in newspapers. Myself or my family and friends are so used to it already, and there is no more surprises like many years ago!!

Wow! it is published! it is Full Colour!! cut it... keep it...
Now?? haha.... nothing special as it is my job...
Here are some Press Coverage of my recent event-Story Telling Competition, most of the newspapers published the news with coloured pictures. it is very interesting, all the children dressed up for their stories! Most of them acted as animals, such as Rabbit, Pig, Wolf, Mouse, Lion, Tiger, they were just sooooo CUTE!!!

Front Page for Metro The Star!! She's from St. Mary School.

 The Star by Ai Fern

Full page coverage from Eastern Times

Well, maybe i should show more of the cutie children in their costume telling their interesting stories pictures.

This is the cutie little milk-maid.

Piggy's Ambition!!

Roaring Tiger

Moon Fairy

The Old Woman with a broken bowl

Lion & the Rat


Big Black Rat


Now, I'm a tiger!!

Well, it is fun to organize all these children events....


  1. its not that ugly la...its look good actually

  2. Tim: Hehe.. Thanks for the compliment! But it looks like "Nga Chat Sow-the ancient time lawyer with big teeth"!! LOL