Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Time To Change!!!

Well, sometimes i am really ashamed of Malaysia...
I have always heard about people talking about police asking for "duit kopi" here and there. I read a lot on how the government is trying to "CHANGE". All those news about what the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission has done, etc. However, all this has never bothered me at all.
Until this night when i was faced it myself!! I was on the way back from my parents' place. As usual, my hubby and i drove two cars. So, i had to try my best to calm my baby down as it was near to 9pm, which is her bed time.
Almost arriving at the traffic light infront of BDC Everise, i suspected that a police car was highlighting me from behind. However, he did not overtook or stopped me. I avoided the red light so i turn left into the Shophouses area as i had to keep the car moving (my baby would cry if the car stopped at this time). That Kancil Police car followed. So i drove through the shops area, passing by Everise, and then H & L Supermarket. It was a very hidden and dark area, that Kancil suddenly overtook me and stopped me. 3 policemen came out.
So i winded down the window and asked them "Apa Hal?"
One of them asked for my driving license and i passed to them, but i was suspecting that they are not traffic police and should not have the right to stop me.
"Kenapa awak tak mahu berhenti?" The Senior among them asked me.
"Bila masa U suruh I berhenti? Apa kesalahan saya?" I asked confidently.
"U bercakap dalam telefon tadi, kenapa u tak mahu berhenti? Jangan cakap banyak!!"
I was mad at his attitude of trying to argue with me, so i questioned him back.
" My baby was crying and i had to calm her with my handphone with the music player on. If you wanted me to stop, you can always horn me, or just overtake me to stop me?!! Why didn't you do that at the highway? and you only stop me now?"
"Tak payah bercakap! You pakai telefon tadi dan tidak mahu berhenti, you cakap di mahkamah!"
"If you inssist, I don't want to waste my time! Just buka saman! Oii!! Saman~lah!!" I could see that the other 2 junior looked very scared. The one holding my driving license and the booklet did not even plan to write anything.
"Mana u diam?"After he saw how firm i was, that "DOG" asked me other questions. I think he was trying to avoid those arguments.
"Kamu pegang lesen saya pun tidak pandai baca kah?"
"Oh! batu Kawah kah? Mana kamu nak pergi?"
It was actually my old address where my parents are staying now. I was on my way home but i did not want to tell them.
"Peduli apa? U buang masa saya!! My baby is very sick , having fever and flu, she is coughing badly with asthma and i am rushing to the clinic for a neb!!"
I pointed at the clock in my car, which was 9:02pm. I scolded him even more terribly.
"Tak apa! Tak apa! U punya baby sakit i bagi u peluang. Kami pun ada anak, kami pun tahu juga."
"Now that the clinic is closed and i am late for my baby's treatment!! You have to bare the responsibility!! Sekarang bukan u bagi i peluang! I tak puas hati dengan u! Give me your name and number!"
That old "dog" was ashamed but still wanted to act "Macho". He had no choice but unzipped his jacket and show me his name and number.
I got the 3 names and copied the car plate number before they left.
I went online to find more information about the "Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission".
If anyone of you guys face any problems like mine, don't be afraid of them!! You know your rights! For more information, go to >>
I will email and report about this incident.
It is really a time to change!!!



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