Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lady Map shopping

It was a weekday, after picking up my dear baby i decided to head to The Spring to check out what is wrong with her "anti-spill bottle", there was no water coming out no matter how hard she tried sucking.. Well, the promoter said the bottle has a warranty, since it is RM38.90...
But, i also accidentally bought a few more dresses and skirts at Anakku... i was giving the excuses that i didn't really buy her any "Very Red" Dress during my shopping spree in KL last month.. Haha..
Huhu....i ended up spending another RM500++ in this shop....

Lady Map @ The Spring

I think the TV show is the main reason i bought this, it is the "Po Niao Suan"

Very good enzyme than can help anti-age...

The special Moose Mask, Botanical Essence Toner, EGF, and Q10 Night Cream

Been using lancome for more than 2 years, it's time for a change!! I just replenished my day cream and UV Expert.. Can't wait till i finish them up, so i can go get some more BB cream :)

Read more magazines like this and all of us can be as pretty as those super stars.
I always believe this:"There is no ugly woman on earth, only lazy women!"
So, wanna be pretty!! Be hardworking!!

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