Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 2 Breakfast @ Brunei:Dim Sum at Dynasty Gadong

Well, it was Friday and all the schools are closed in Brunei so my cousins are all at home. We wanted to go breakfast together, they suggested to have dim sum for breakfast and of course i 1000% agreed since it is also my favourite!! They mentioned a name "Dynasty" and i felt very familiar, i think i had been there before when we came to Brunei with my parents 10 years ago. Hehe..

Arriving at the place i was surprised that we came to the same place again?? We were here at gadong Centrepoint last night , Lim & Kim are also staying in Centre Point Hotel, and now we are here again? wow! this place is really the centre point of Brunei!

 This is the main entrance from outside..

 Another entrance from the hotel lobby

Autumn can't wait for her food to be served..

Dynasty is actually doing the catering for Royal Brunei Airline.

The menu....

Let's see....

Egg Tarts

Fish Porridge with ginger and something crispy

Fried Carrot cake

Fried Wanton

Chicken feet

Fish balls

Sio Bee @ Siew Mai

Har Kaw

Red Bean Paste Kuih

Chicken with garlic is not so nice (The usual Pork Ribs in Chinese Restaurant are much nicer)

Char Siew Pao

Pandan Custard bun

Everyone is busy eating

Autumn finished her porridge and started walking around, so let's take some pictures.....

Conclusion, i had a satisfying meal at Dynasty Restaurant Center Point Hotel, Gadong Center Point.

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