Thursday, July 22, 2010

王妃家 Wang Bi Ga- Myeung Dong, Seoul

This is about a quick but delicious meal at Wang Bi Ga, Myeung Dong.
We had a set lunch of Pork Ribs, rice, Kimchi Soup, Cold Ramen, and many other side dishes.

Wang Bi Ji is located at the 1st floor..

Going up from here...

Very nice interior design..

 Very packed with the lunch crowd, as they have special lunch offer!!
(look at the exhaust hood on every table, they also let you do BBQ  here but mostly at night)
All the side dishes and rice are here in less than 10 minutes...They provide very quick and efficient service....

There are so many side dishes, needle mushrooms, broccoli, sprouts, salad vegetables with mayo, cold soup, tofu, mashed potato, etc .....
But, i only eat 3 of them below, the 2 cold ones i also don't like:
Side dish 01-Mashed Potato

Side Dish 02- Marinated Mushroom

Side Dish 03- Bean Sprouts

Side Dish 04- Cold Kimchi Soup

Cold Ramen with Kimchii and Cucumber

The very yummy spicy and sour soypaste Kimchi Soup with tofu and ham, I love it so much!!..

The main dish = yummy pork Ribs..
 How do we eat it???? Like this:

This raw vege is very important...

Firstly: You put the pork rib on the leaf

Secondly, you put you favourite side dish on top of it

Thirdly, you put the Sam jang sauce
Lastly, add rice on it!


Look at the expression!!!

This is consider very cheap for the Koreans, 50,000 Won for 5 person, that means only 10,000 won per head. (which is RM30 per person) I think it's worth it!!

Wang Bi ga,
Seoul City, Jungu-Ru Street No.2,
63-3 F.
Tel: 02-3789-1945
Or try

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