Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kolok Mee at Hong hing Cafe Jalan Abell

Hubby always tells me that there is this shop at Jalan Abell opposite Air Asia, which sells the best Kolok Mee and Pork Soup. It is just across the road from Tun Jugah Tower. But, i never had a chance to try it together with him until recently when i am not working...

We met there for late breakfast after i sent my girl to school around 10am.

Here it is-Hong Hing Cafe, the kopitiam is located at Jalan Abell. It is at the same row of shop with Affin Bank, right opposite Air Asia and Yu Yan Shang shop. I drive passed this road every day many times...

This is the main stall-selling Kolok Mee, or Bee Hoon, Kueh Tiaw, with any type of pork soup.
They originally were from Green Road?

So, we ordered kolok mee with Red Sauce, Normall Kolok Mee, and Mixed soup.
The food was served pretty fast.

Here comes my soup! It is indeed very delicious! She boiled the soup with minced gingers, and added some Wine in it, the taste is just marvelous. There are Pork Ball, Liver, Blood Cake, Kidney, fish ball, fish maw, and veges in it. I want to eat this during confinement next time! LOL,,,,


Blood Cake
Fish maw

This is my bowl of kolok mee, with red sauce and no spring onions....

This is normal kolok mee for hubby, he has no taboos.
It was a very yummy brunch!
The best soup i had ever tasted. Better than "Cheng" at Carpenter street....
It is located at the city centre, along Jalan Abell, opposite Air Asia...
Go and have a try!.

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