Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ginseng Soup with Rice in the Chicken

"Ginseng Soup with Rice in the Chicken"

When I heard that we were gonna eat Ginseng Soup, i was thinking "nothing special, coz when we were smaller sometimes mom cooked that soup and we didn't really like it"

But i was so shocked when i saw that shop was like full house...
and even more surprised when i got my own bowl of soup..... It was Fantastic!!
The Ginseng Soup was so super boiling hot!!

Finally i could see the chicken in the bowl!

The steam..... When i tried taking a closer shot of the soup

Now, this is a clear shot!

Here comes all our food...

Im having a whole chicken...

Look! There is rice inside the chicken!

Mini size Chicken

It is very very hot, so scoop the chicken and rice out to your plate and eat...

The Koreans love eating with Kimchi...

Wow! There is a Giant Ginseng inside my chicken...

Nom.. nom... nom..

Nice pose! It makes the soup very yummy!!

This Special bowl is for the bones

I drank the whole bowl of soup, except for the spring onions....

Still Super Full House...

There are still many people waiting for their turn to come in

Each bowl of the Ginseng Chicken soup is 12,000 Won, worth it!

Oh, look at them.. so busy preparing food for the lunch crowd.

This shop is located at the Lower Ground Floor
LS Yong San,

Hangang-ro 2ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea.

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