Friday, July 23, 2010

Ice Gallery, Seoul

I had done my research on where to visit in Seoul, one of the place that i was so tempted to go is the Ice Gallery.
However, many Koreans do not even know that this place exists!!
So, we had a hard time searching for this place.
We could not even find it in the map. We just had lunch nearby and were walking around in Insadong area. We thought it was nearby..

According to the Tourist Information Centre and the GPS, we must walk pass this Girls' School..

We had to walk through this long road to another end.

 Follow the sign to the Art Centre/ Library..

Then, it is the Art Sonje Center on your left. So turn right at the junction.

This is the Jung Dok Public Libraryon you left side.
The Ice gallery is just located across the road on your right side.

Look across the road, it is just located next to this Cafe, look at the Blue signage...
Argghhh... It's so hot and we had been walking for so long trying to search for this place..

Ice Gallery is gonna be the best place for such hot weather..

We need to walk down to the basement..

"Finally!!Here i am!"

This is the ticketing counter...

You need to pay 7,000Won per pax to enter the ice sculpture exhibition Hall.

Before we enter the "Freezer" @ Exhibition Hall, we need to wear the jacket, coz it is -18C inside here...
Don't worry, they have more than enough for you to choose, so don't bother to bring any jacket.
Eskimo at the igloo....

There is an ice glide.

An Ice Castle....

Ice Computer, monitor, keyboard..


Fire Place....

A Palace.....

Villagers at the village..

Another shot at the palace...

At Paris?

A group picture...

This is the stage for the ice sculpture winners..

Everyone is working so hard to carve a glass.

The fruits in the ice bowl is a complimentary, but only 1 bowl for 4 of us??

Anyway, it was a fun and exciting experience. 
Some people might think 7000 won for such a short 5 minutes tour is not worth it, anyway it all depends whether how strong you are to be able to withstand such freezing temperature... 
You might freeze to death if you stay more than 10 minutes i think.
You could not feel all your fingers, nose and ears after coming out from there. but it is in Korean only

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  1. i wish i lived in Seoul. then, i would have a chance to visit the place!