Friday, July 30, 2010

Homemade Burger-Double Beef Egg Cheese

Went to Boulevard Hypermart with my nephew and Autumn...

Suddenly decided to make burgers..
So, we bought Beef and Chicken patties, cucumber, cheese, etc.

 Use Planta- margarine to fry the patties....

Fry the eggs with the margarine as well
Add some seasoning, Maggie Seasoning tastes perfect for the patties and eggs...

Before the egg is fully cooked, put the patty on it so that they will stick together...

Then, fold it like this..

Heat the buns as well...

Get ready the cheese..

Lady's Choice Mayonnaise

Cut Cucumbers

Now, assemble the burger...

Then Cucumber with Mayonnaise

Put the patty, and then tomato sos..

Ready to be served!!

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