Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lu Yang Restaurant Kota Kinabalu

Thanks to a Mr. Right for bringing us to this restaurant...
The food is so much better than those very fancy restaurants along the Waterfront area, and they also don't simply "SLAUGHTER" you..

Let me introduce to all of you who are planning to go to Kota Kinabalu>>> LU YANG RESTAURANT

New Lu Yang Restaurant 

Only local seafood experts know about this place, and it is always very full during dinner time!! 
Even when we arrived, all the 20 tables were 90 % occupied and we hardly found 1 table to be seated.

1 KG++ of fresh Steamed Prawn, slurrpps~~

So tender, juicy and crispy!!

This is "Money Chai" fried with belacan, in Hakka you call it "Shu-Choi".KK people mostly only eat the tender parts of it, not like in Kuching we always crush the leaves and fry with eggs.

 Special Recipe Fried Crabs that the lady introduced, it's finger licking good!!

This is my Giant Pincer!! Yummy!!

Thai Style Jelly Fish  

I quickly grab my camera and take all the pictures before i eat, coz i know all my 10 fingers will be very oily and dirty...

Ok, done!! Yummy!! My tank is full!! 
Everyone else was also super full already and we couldn't even finish the crab and jelly fish!! lol..

So many more Giant Crabs at the back.... Awaiting to be slaughtered.

Now, after we finished it's around 10pm so the place starts to quiet down, all these table are finally empty..

Next trip to KK, i must revisit this place, and bring more big- appetite gang so i can order more food to try... hehe...

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