Monday, July 19, 2010

Farewell-Tun Jugah

Time flies. It has been 15 months before i even realized. Tun Jugah- the place i would go every day. It's really been so much fun working with all these funny, friendly people.
I really enjoyed (even though not every moment.....).
I will miss this place.
Before i left, i ordered Pizza, just to have a little eating and gathering, most importantly some photos sessions with the gang!!

A group photo together with the delivery order from Pizza hut.

 Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

 King Prawn Pizza
 Tuna Pizza- Yummy!!

   Huhu.. i look so short standing next to Calvin... 

 Wahidah & me....

Together with Rose

 Caroline and me...

Hugging Tina

Justin Timberlake kah Justin Biber ni???

Nice Model shot with Rafidah, thanks to Justin!!

Venedy and 1>>the best partners in photo-shooting!! Coz' we both love to pose!!

So happily eating..... Yum Yum!!

 The cute and pretty barbie girl- Grace
 hehehe... tersengih-sengih~~


 Ultra-girls>>> Me and Fidelia Gurl


 Gonna miss the time working with you all....

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