Monday, May 2, 2011

The Night before Sarawak Election 2011

 I'm supposed to have this page posted, but i just realised that it is still in the draft.
OMG... Anyway, I took lots of pictures just to show how was the crowd that turned up that night at Stutong Commercial Centre.
Very jammed, very crowded, but FUN!!
I went north, east, south, west and squeezed into the midst of the crowd taking these pictures. Hope you'll like them~!  ;p

Donated RM10 and got a sticker!

Love these cars, the owners are so supportive!

This man was so excited and he even did a special pose for me~!
I overheard that he wished to appear on the newspaper, lol they thought i was a reporter, haha!

 I even went right in front of the stage..

A man let me stand on the stool, and captured this view of border-less crowd..

It was still so jammed at around 10pm.

The rain did not hinder the crowd from coming...

Just because of the democracy spirit, DAP won 12 seats in Sarawak.. 
This is my first blog about election, not much to say.. Pictures say a thousand words..
For full result, please click here Sarawak Election 2011

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