Sunday, May 8, 2011

SMK Rajah Abdullah bullies show thefailure of the current education system!!!

Another School Bully case again!!!
It is a proof of the failure of the current education system.During my school times we heard about gangsters or bullies in schools. They were only a group of boys who always escaped class, scold people, etc.
But in this video that i saw!! Those bullies were girls!!


It was originally uploaded by a student but then was deleted, however the technology is too sophisticated that you can actually find the video on many FB users.
Girls nowadays are getting worse and worse. The victim who was crying the whole 3 minutes in the video, was being slapped, hit, straggled, and the bullies even cut her hair!!!
These group of girls called themselves as "SISTERS" and of course they have their own nicknames.
Spagetti, Beehoon, Vermicile Noddles, and Normal Noodles.
What?? So lame... Are students nowadays too bored?
Someone from the Page posted the links to all the 4 girls' blogs.
They called themselves good sisters, but now they all pushed the blames on others..



 There are currently more than 52,300 fans like this page!! This is only within less than 48 hours!! Oh My God!!

As a summary, everyone's comments are all scolding the girls, cursing the girls, or wanted to revenge for the victims, etc. Yes, this case really enraged everyone. Not to say i am not angry. I do, but sadness more than anger!
I pity all of them, not only the victims.

If you were to read the girls blog, you will realise tat they actually live in their own world. The are all self-centered. This society is sick. The education system fails thoroughly.
There is no "L-O-V-E" in their dictionary. All they think about is what others have done wrongly, how bad others treated them, etc. They enjoyed bullying others. She is only in Form One, and she is full of hatred. All this is very much related to her family background, how her parents educate her. Read this:

 Even when the mother talked to her also in the tone of ""THREATENING".If you don't sleep, or if i still see your light on, you are dead!

How parents talk, or educate their children really plays a very important role now. Children/ teenagers now are not like 10 or 20 years ago, where parents can still hit them, threaten them, etc. They were way back too NAIVE, unlike children now. They think differently, they live in a different world. Friends in school are the best, they spend 95% of their conversation with friends.
Parents out there!!!!
Do you ask how your children feel?
How much do you care about them? As long as they "EAT", "SLEEP", go to school, do their homework, that's all!!!?? Children are actually parents reflection.
From the day she is in your womb, she is already observing and learning everything you do.


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