Monday, May 2, 2011

Gecko's Terrace at Itaewon @ Seoul

I have always wanted to introduce this must-go place, called Itaewon.
This is also where the Seoul City Tour normally ends with.
At Itaewon, you can see all the very nice & cozy, very stylish and happening eating and drinking places. Also, there are the most happening places for youngsters, school leavers or college and University students.
 Not sure where to hang out, so we just choose this place called Gecko's Terrace, which is a Bistro..

We went up the building and found Gecko's Terrace...

 It is indeed a very nice and cozy place.

 The Bar is in the middle of the restaurant.

 It's a weekday but there were crowd for Happy Hour....

We ordered all the different menu so we could try out more choices.
Beef, Lamb, chicken, pork, etc...

Really missed this type of beer, so smooth...

Nice view at the balcony..

 You can see many vans by the road side selling food and drinks...

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