Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drop IN Guest House opening in Kuching Sarawak...

DROP IN is finally open!

Joyous moments must be shred among friends and buddies. Yeah, we had a fantastic weekend with some close friends and buddies gathering together, celebrating the opening..
Here's Andrea and Ivan...

 The guys enjoying themselves with the sausages, wings, beers and some chrysanthemum tea.. 
Other than BBQ and drinking, you can also have the bird's eye view of the busy Padungan street. Especially during the festive seasons or when there is a procession, you can definitely get a good view. 


Thanks to my super models: Miss Venedy, Grace and Cat~!

The top floor is the cozy corner where you can eat, rest and play! 

 A group photo before leaving... I love the background! This is sooooo SARAWAK~!

Here's a sneak peak of what is this guest house all about. It is actually a souvenir shop cum museum..
Haha... will be showing you guys all the photos..

One of the few dormitory...

Many rooms with double beds...

 All the rooms are named after the diffferent Dayak Ethnic tribes in Sarawak.

 The very long house style's corridor or sink area, for you to do washing in the morning, or make some tea or coffee.
 Last but not least, our very jungle lobby... With the Orang Utan looking so real.....

Welcome to Kuching, Sarawak~!!!

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