Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BRA and UNDIES missing????


Does anyone ever bother to count how many pairs of bras or undies they have??
I never!!!

Not until today, Kakak came to my house to do the routine weekly cleaning again. Mom asked me why did i put my clothes at the back? Coz they found a pair of my white bras & underwear, and also my Mini skirt at my backyard. What???
I was so shocked....
All the while i just hang my clothes at the car porch and just let it dry not under the sun. And i normally would collect them in the evening after work. i never have my time to open the back door, or go to the back??
Wait..... This is not the first time already... Last month mom also found some, or a lot of bras outside my balcony rooftop in front...
Hubby said the our neighbour from the last house ever caught the kid who tried to, or was halfway trying to grab his wife's bras and then got caught. He even went to the house and told the parents to look after the son!!! He should immediately report to the police!
He is already 17 years old, but he had been doing this crazy mentally retarded things for so many times in this neighbourhood!!!
I went to my another neighbour's house just now, and she told me that the husband found more than 10 pairs of bras at their rooftop as well!! Gossh!!! I must go and check with a few more neighbours..
Must get the CCTV fixed asap, and catch the stupid crazy pervert with the evidence!!!

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