Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roger & Poh Joo's wedding

It was Roger & Poh Joo's wedding on 25th January 2010.
So i sacrifice my lunch and went for a hair wash and blow the curls.
I left the office at 5:00pm sharp and went to pick up my baby.

This is the welcoming Photo of Roger & Poh Joo at the entrace of the reception.

The little ones were waiting impatiently for the entre.

It was a very well-planned wedding reception, held at the Sarawak Club.
All the photos, videos, setups, the whole routine including the entree, etc showed how much efforts the newly wed had put in their planning.

Ah Boo who flew back from New Zealand

Righteous (who flew all the way from KK to Kuching) was busy serving the liquor to the guys for the Toss.

Here it is..."YAAAmmmMMM SENGGG!!!"

Halfway during the "Yam Seng", where they reached the bride's best friends' table. They were busy taking photos, one after another... At least more than 15 minutes the groom was idling around chit-chatting with his friends.

Finally, the bride is here... "Yammm Seng!!"

Well, the bride was pretty occupied by her friends, finally managed to grab a chance to take a shot with the newly wed couple before we left. It was Autumn's sleeping time.

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