Saturday, January 23, 2010

Queue Up

Been thinking of continue blogging since ages ago.....
long before i had my little princess...
long before i was on my long holidays...
long before i continued with my career advancement... etc..
At least for a good start in 2010, i finally procrastinate no more....
Well, it's been quite a while since i last visited my parents and my little sister.
So, we went over and then headed to one of the biggest hypermarket nearby our place.
As usual on a Saturday night, it was really packed.
I was with dad queuing up at the counter and it was an extremely long queue.
We were finally standing in front of the counter but the promoter kept serving those people who cut queue from our backs.
Dad was very mad but remained silent.
The man behind dad finally voiced out and said they had been waiting for centuries!!
Well, their son was standing in front of the counter as well, holding the membership card and waiting for his turn.
It was so obvious.
Dad also joined in the complaint.
"Yea, we have been very disciplined, queuing up here, but you kept serving people who cut queue."
Just right after the promoter apologized and was still serving dad and the man next to him, someone was pushing from my left side trying to squeeze in, i was very giddy and in a bad mood so i told her, " Miss, please don't push me, k?"
Obviously she understood what i said in mandarin, but she just ignored and still trying to squeeze in, so i said louder, "yea! some people just don't understand the meaning of QUEUE-UP, and still pushing me from behind..."
Before i even finished my sentence, the rest of the people queuing up behind us voiced out, some scolding, and some complaining... Luckily, that woman wasn't that uncivilized at all, so she quietly, and shamefully went to the back and queue up.
Well...sometimes, you just need to voice out!!
Am i not right?
It then reminded me of our last trip to Singapore, everywhere you go, you can see long queue. Signboard with the words "QUEUE HERE" could be seen basically anywhere.
Hope some Malaysians can learn to be more civilized and disciplined...

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