Monday, June 6, 2011

Rice Dumplings (Zongzi or Bakcang )

Again it is the 5th Day of the 5th Lunar month of the year,the day when the Chinese celebrate The Dragon Boat Festival to remember Qu Yuan...

A week before the actual day, many people already started wrapping Rice Dumplings and give away among all the relatives and friends.However, i never know how to make a rice dumplings. But, it was a coincident that my Kitchen Expert idol auntie was making thousands of dumplings last Sunday.

So, i busily took a lot of pictures. I even ask my "Ging-Ging" (auntie to pose for me).
Glutinous rice, with fried pork wrapped up in the Bamboo or Giant Pandan Leaves.
 Put the whole bundle into the pot, make sure all the "Bak zang" 
fully summersed into the water.

All cooked delicious.

 Hang it up for it to drip dry...

 All ready on the table fro packing...

Wow~ so many....

Just showing some pictures, nothing much to mentioned coz i blogged about The Dragon Boat Festival Last year..

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