Monday, February 7, 2011

Pre-Reunion Dinner on the day before CNY Eve

 I always have 2 rounds of reunion dinner since...i forgot when. 1 round with my family, and another round on the actual day with my in laws.

This year is no exception, after so many dinners at Lok Thian, i just realized i've never blogged about it.

So, here it is.....
Pictures say a thousand words...
 It was the 29th night of the Lunar calendar, Lok Thian was full house as usual. They are close on the New year eve, so those who would like to have reunion dinner here need to book it for 1 day earlier.

Shark's Fin Soup- one of the must have dish.

The Cold Plate

Roasted Pork, love the crispy skin..

Broccoli Fried with Scallops

Nestum Buttered De-shelled Prawn

Everyone is busy eating...

Not forgetting to camwhore>> The eldest and the youngest...

My nephews with their mommy and daddy....

Specially ordered these>> Nai Huang Shu


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