Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Charity at The Salvation Army Children's Home

This is my 100th post!!!
Finally this blog is 1 year old~!

So, i will talk about something "GOOD".
What do i mean by that?? Well, every day we work, we earn money, we enjoy life, have we ever thought of the less fortunate people?
Thus, we must not forget our responsibility to the society. Helping the less fortunate people....

We went for Charity donation at The Salvation Army Children's Home before Christmas 2010....

Here we are, arriving at the Children's home...

Look at the food that we brought..

Daily necessities...


Other than rice, we also brought cooking oil, different types of sauce, crackers, canned food, etc

The children said, "huh? picture again?" 
Hehe, so that means there are many people out there also being kind like our boss.

Their dining hall.


Ending it with a group photo at the playground...
Do charity work more frequently, k?

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